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Events & Festivals
Events & Festivals

Since Thai people have diverse and mixed ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds, there are many traditional Thai events and festivals from the past to experience today and which will carry on into the future. While some cultural events are celebrated all over Thailand, some others are just smaller unique local festivities of some provinces. The biggest and renowned festivals in Thailand are Loi Krathong and Songkran, which is also the Thai New Year where thousands of tourists real money casino slots usa明天始终会来。转眼之间,五月来临。come to join in the fun!


Thai festivals are usually related to religions such as the Candle Festival on Khao Phansa Day (Buddhist Lent Day), the Tak Bat Thewo Festival on Awk Phansa DaW888club“傻子。出来。快点1完全休息式y (end of Buddhist Lent Day), the Flower Alms Offering Festival, the Kathina or Annual Buddhist Robe Offering Ceremony, and the Buddhist Forest Robe Offering Ceremony.


Some other festivals originated from traditional beliefs and folklore such as the Boon Bang Fai Rocket Festival to ask for favors from the God of Rain. The Loi Krathong Festival is also intended to ask for forgiveness from the Mother of River.


There are also festive events about daily living such as the Rice Blessing Ceremony, the Buffalo Racing Festival, and the Long Boat Racing Festival.


Thai events and festivals show who Thai people really are. We are fun, we like to help others, and we are humble, respectful, and grateful to our elders. These themes are an integral part of Thai festivals and cultures, which make them a unique experience you can’t find anywhere else.

Upcoming Events in Thailand


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